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Amalgam was in a typical situation that most agencies experience - the cobbler kids’ syndrome.  Working on client's needs was the priority and sales fell by the wayside.   


Union came in to help develop a go-to-market strategy including a strong sales process.  With Union doing the research and subsequent outreach, Amalgam was able to work on what it does best, amazing creative. 


The metrics are very strong:  10 new leads in first month was 10X Amalgam's desire.  Overall, Union has delivered over 40 leads and growing plus 2 strong strategic partnership.  Pipeline is growing each month and email statistics are over-indexing.  

99.3% Delivery | 38.2% Open | 3.2% Click

“The team at Union is motivated and very communicative.  They know how to sell but more importantly, they know how to listen, digest and provide strong strategic guidance.  Based on their performance, I asked Mark to join my board of advisors.  That is how happy I am with Union.” 

– Ned Wallroth, Principal,Amalgam 

Chris Battis