SAAS Based Channel Sales Team Training


As Channel experts, Doceo was working with large and small Channel companies to help better train their sales teams for operational efficiencies and success.  Another example of resource deficiency, Doceo engaged Union to help ramp their pipeline. 


Union leveraged its AI to find Channel companies surging for services Doceo provides.  Finding several thousand prospects that exceeded Union’s Fit Score methodology, Union was able to specifically target the proper companies and personas. 


With 4 new leads in the first 30 days, Union and Doceo have seen very positive results.  The development of sales support tools, like a video and case studies, has helped increase response rate with SQL numbers on the rise.  

99.4% Delivery | 21.3% Open | 4.7% Click

“With Union’s assistance, we have been able to target and reach specific companies looking for our services. Their approach is focused and disciplined and delivers targeted qualified results."

– Marc McNamara, Managing Director, Doceo 

Chris Battis