Highly Qualified leads are Life

We perform continuous prospecting to identify highly qualified leads so your sales team can focus on closing more deals.  

imagine what your sales team could do with 40 more Highly qualified leads a month

What defines a highly qualified lead (HQL)?

  • HQLs are always ideal customer profile -driven
  • HQLs have some level of intent already
  • HQLs have multiple data interactions via a specific outreach program
  • HQLs are behaving in a manner showing they are further interested; we call this “Behavioral Intent™”

We combine data, machine learning software and personalized sales outreach to continuously provide your sales team fresh HQLs.

Union Resolute - Ideal Customer Profile

Ideal Customer Profile

Union Resolute - Content


Union Resolute - Technology


How Onboarding Works

Step 1

Ideal Customer Profile

Together we define your ideal customer profile, by title, industry, number of customers, employee count, revenue, geography, technology they use etc.

Step 2

List Creation

Based on your ICP we’ll filter our collected database of over 500 million B2B leads and create comprehensive lists of our targeted leads, this most commonly consists of the appropriate roles/title within our researched targeted companies.

Step 3

Improve the List with Data

We scrub the list for deliverability cleanliness layer in intent data, technographic data and firmographic data from 12 data sources.

Step 4

Aggregate Content

Provide us your most valuable and relevant content to your ideal customer profile. The type of content you create will depend on what it’s being used for. If you don’t have it, we’ll help you get it.

Step 5

Setup the Tech

We set up the tech required to perform your sales prospecting on our own proprietary sales prospecting software. Our tools send emails, send notifications when you receive a highly qualified lead and provide you with the context and conversation we’ve had with your new lead.

Step 6

Ongoing Outreach

We continue to perform outreach while monitoring the performance and web activity of the recipients as well as keeping an eye and intent data.

Step 7

We Deliver High Quality Leads

We personally monitor campaign performance and digital activity and alert you when you have buyers showing behavior that displays interest in your product or services. We’ll send you an email alert every time we have an HQL that is prepared for you to take action on.

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Success Stories

“Oshyn was busy delivering Sitecore solutions and working our pipeline, so we didn’t have time to do lead generation. Union came in an added qualified leads to our funnel, and quickly.”

- Diego Rebosio, CEO, Oshyn

“Union Resolute has been a long-standing digital partner to Dell. They also leverage intent data to help generate more sales qualified leads. Anyone at Dell looking for more leads should talk with Union.”

- Matt Roberts, Global Lead, Digital Workplace Consulting Practice, Dell

“Union has partnered with Mercer for years to develop a series of digital content solutions, all on time and with a smile.”

- Mike Shea, Principal, Director Digital Communications, Mercer

“The team at Union is motivated and very communicative.  They know how to sell but more importantly, they know how to provide strong strategic guidance” 

– Ned Wallroth, Principal, Amalgam 

“With Union’s assistance, we have been able to target and reach specific companies looking for our services. Their approach is focused and disciplined and delivers targeted qualified results."

 Marc McNamara, Managing Director, Doceo

“Union has been an instrumental partner to Verndale’s sales function.  The leads provided have been of high quality and have exceeded our expectations.” 

– Ryan Moltenbrey, Executive Vice President Sales, Verndale