12 Ways to Scale SaaS Lead Generation


As the founder of a SaaS company, you know how important it is to generate sales from your service as soon as possible. After all, the sooner you have paying customers, the faster your company grows. When it comes to scaling lead generation for your SaaS business, you have two options: either find more leads or get more qualified leads. In most cases, both of these problems are intertwined and it can be difficult to tell which is easier to fix first. However, there are ways in which you can scale lead generation for your SaaS business no matter what challenges you face. Read on for more information on how you can scale SaaS lead generation in a way that doesn’t impact your growth or efficiency negatively.

1. Pay attention to software discovery platforms.

One way you can scale your lead generation efforts is by focusing on software discovery platforms. The more people who use a software discovery platform, the more leads they’ll be able to generate. Some software discovery platforms like Appcues and Launch Pad provide free services that allow SaaS companies to upload their marketing materials and target their leads. They also have paid plans with higher levels of service for companies that want to increase their lead generation efforts further. Software discovery platforms are easy for customers to find through social media or traditional search engines, which in turn generates a lot of traffic for any SaaS company willing to advertise on them.

2. Use SEO to bring potential new users.

SEO is a big part of ranking a website. In fact, Google’s algorithms are obsessed with it. For example, if you want to rank for a specific keyword on Google, you have to build strong content in that area. You need quality, high-value content with relevant information that answers your customer’s questions and offers guidance. Then, you need to make sure that the right people see it in search results. A good way to do this is by implementing SEO tactics like internal linking and building an authoritative site with high-quality content that provides value to your customers. By creating a strong web presence where your potential new users can find out about your service before they ever click on the buy button, you’ll increase your lead generation efforts and help scale SaaS lead generation more effectively than ever before.

3. Create lead magnets and interactive tools.

To scale your lead generation, you should create lead magnets and interactive tools that help you build relationships with leads. One of the first ways to do this is by creating lead magnets that are helpful for your company’s customers. For instance, if you’re in the business of selling fitness equipment, a good lead magnet could be a PDF guide on how to improve your performance with exercise. You can also create interactive tools like webinars where people can ask questions about topics related to your unique business.

4. Use case studies to show tangible results.

Case studies are one of the most effective ways to prove your worth. If you’re a SaaS company and you want to scale lead generation, show potential customers and investors how you have helped other businesses grow their revenue. Include examples that can be verified by third parties–i.e. revenue, user growth, etc.–and use them as proof that your SaaS company is doing what it says it will do. 5. Utilize content marketing tactics like blog posts, infographics, and white papers. Content marketing allows you to spread information about your product more effectively than any other type of marketing strategy. By providing valuable information about your service through articles, videos, podcasts–anything that can get people talking about your product–you give potential leads a reason to follow up with you further or at least consider buying from your business in the future. 6. Create targeted landing pages for each stage in the funnel. Landing pages are just one piece of a larger digital marketing strategy for scaling lead generation with SaaS companies. By having different landing pages for each stage of the sales funnel–such as capturing leads, qualifying leads, and turning qualified leads into paying customers–you create a system where prospects know exactly what information they need when they enter your website or contact you through social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. This makes it easy for people to find the right place on your website to learn more about your company.

5. Build authority with data-driven content.

The key to scaling your lead generation is finding something that generates interest. One of the best ways to do that is by generating data-driven content with a strong call to action at the end. Offer ideas, statistics, and resources for tips and tricks on how to grow your business through your blog posts. If you’re struggling to find a topic, market research may help you find an area where there is significant room for growth in your industry. After narrowing down a few topics, create a blog post containing those tips and tricks along with the appropriate call-to-action. Another option is creating digital marketing content like infographics or videos. These types of content are proven to be effective at converting leads into sales because they are visually engaging and easy to digest quickly. Lastly, consider reaching out to other SaaS companies in your niche on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter for advice on what has worked well for them when scaling their lead generation efforts.

6. Expand your outreach campaign through podcasts.

Podcasts offer you a unique opportunity to reach out to your target audience. With podcasts, you have the ability to talk about your company and showcase its value in a more relatable way. You can also interact with the listeners, get their feedback, and build rapport. Your outreach can be done without any additional effort. And the best part is that podcast listeners are often more open-minded than traditional customers. If you’re interested in building your brand through podcasts, here are three podcasts you need to listen to: What’s Up Smart People with Ali Haleem The Social Media Marketing Podcast with David Siteman Garland How I Built This with Guy Raz

7. Ask for referrals.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, asking for referrals is one of the most effective ways to scale your lead generation. These leads are typically more qualified and reliable than those generated through online marketing. So, how do you ask for referrals without annoying your clients? You might be wondering what the best time to ask for referrals is. To avoid inconveniencing your customers, contact them when they have a need that matches yours both from an efficiency standpoint and a customer conversion standpoint. For example, if you provide software to help businesses manage their workflows, contact them when they have a project that requires your product. This allows you to generate leads without being too intrusive. When it comes to scaling lead generation for your SaaS business, don’t worry about what time of day it is or which day of the week it is; rather, focus on getting more qualified leads with referral-based marketing tactics like those mentioned above.

8. Build your network on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for SaaS companies because it builds a powerful network of potential customer leads. Utilizing LinkedIn can help you access your target audience with ease, as well as connect with other professionals who have similar interests to yours. It’s also easy to measure the success of your networking efforts on LinkedIn through its analytics. If you get more people to view your profile or join your network, you know that you’re doing something right! Additionally, LinkedIn is a place where people tend to be more open with their information than they are on other social media platforms. This makes it easier for you to identify and target your prospects in a way that is natural and genuine.

9. Create a social proof wall.

Social proof is a powerful tool for SaaS companies because it gives your prospects the confidence to buy. With social proof, you can show your audience that many other people are already using your product, which will give them the reassurance they need to become customers as well. The best way to implement social proof is by creating a social proof wall with pictures of happy customers and testimonials. This wall should be prominent in every area of your site where people can see it and will provide consistent reassurance that they’re making a good decision by signing up for your services.

10. Build competitor tool vs. your tool pages.

Have you ever noticed that people are more likely to buy from a company that appears to be in the same space? That’s because having your own tool pages means that you’re considered an expert in that field. For example, let’s say you have software for companies with high turnover rates. You could build some competitive tool pages on sites like Quora and Reddit and help people answer questions about your service. This works well if it’s something your business can do without significant resources.

11. Create communities using video content.

The best way to scale lead generation for your SaaS business is by creating communities. Creating communities can be done in many different ways, but it’s most effective when done through video content. By creating communities around a specific topic or event in your company, you can generate more leads by increasing viewer engagement and retention. Video content is one of the most powerful tools for creating communities because it helps users feel like they are participating in a larger conversation rather than just watching an ad. If you have an idea for a community that you want to create, start with video content and see where it takes you from there!

12. Sponsor virtual and hybrid events in your industry.

Sponsoring conferences, trade shows, and events is a great way to scale your lead generation efforts. Not only does this help you stand out from the competition by reaching more people, but it also allows you to speak to more prospects at once.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for ways to scale your lead generation, the tips above provide a great starting point. By paying attention to software discovery platforms, using SEO to bring in new users, and creating interactive tools and case studies, you can start to see tangible results. And don’t forget about expanding your outreach campaign through podcasts and LinkedIn-both are great channels for reaching potential leads. As always, don’t be afraid to ask for referrals or build social proof walls on your website. When it comes to generating leads, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution; try out a few of these tactics and see which works best for you and your audience.


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