You have content. You have marketing automation software. You have buyers personas. Your landing pages look beautiful.

Don’t you wish all of that work you and your team has put in was more appreciated by the sales team? 

At Union, we have work on both sides of the sales and marketing divide, and what we have found has the power to revolutionize your lead generation results, using the content you have already created.

Don’t believe me? What if I told you that you could double the amount of sales qualified leads you pass to your sales team from what you are already doing today?

I am not kidding, this is crazy. Here’s how:


Set the hook.  You know who your buyer personas are, what their problems are, but are you making it easy for them to solve their problem?

The problem with inbound marketing is that marketers, through no fault of their own, have become passive in asking for prospects to take the next step. Where sales peoplehave no problem in asking for “30 minutes to show the benefits of [insert service],” inbound marketing has shifted the importance of asking for the next step to asking a prospect to download or read content.

After providing value, create marketing material that is fearless in asking explicitly for prospects to take the next step.

Action Item: Brainstorm benefits your sales team can provide in an initial call with your prospects.


Thinking that your content will be seen by your target audience is a frustrating misconception that you are probably already experiencing.

The key is to take control of who you are targeting and deliberately build lists based on the correct role, industry and vertical. This will not only reduce wasted time, it willallow you to deliberately segment and test content with much greater control.

Action Item: Consider shifting budget allocation towards building lists using software such as ZoomInfo, Seamless.ai, or EverString.


There are mountains of ways to figure out what software a company is using and what they are researching.  There are ways to find information that can be used to customize outreach and content you are putting in front of prospects.

At Union, we have found EverString to be the most comprehensive solution. In fact, if you received an email that drove you to this article, you were probably identified via this powerful platform.

Action Item: Build a new martech stack: optimize your prospect intelligence. This will allow you to not only identify opportunities, but help you figure out what to say, what content to use, and when to reach out.

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