Union Resolute Adds Powerful New Features to LeadResolution™ Platform

Market-leading sales enablement platform allows sales teams to efficiently zero in on most engaged prospects

New York, June 16, 2022 — Union Resolute, the leader in sales empowerment tools that pioneered the highly-qualified lead (HQL™) as the most efficient way of identifying and engaging quality prospects, today announced several new features to its LeadResolution™ platform offered to all of its clients. These upgrades, included at no cost to current and newly signed-on customers, improve salespersons’ ability to manage their leads, quickly execute outreach, and quickly gain important context that will help build a personalized pitch—at great speed.

As technological and society-based shifts in the workforce—for example, the proliferation of review websites and the push toward more and more remote work—the buyer’s journey has changed. Today, between 50 and 90 percent of the sales process is done before the salesperson even gets involved, which means sales teams must adapt and meet prospects wherever they are on their own journey. 

“The new way that prospects shop for solutions is one of the reasons we developed the LeadResolution platform,” said Logan Kelly, VP of Strategy at Union Resolute. “The ability to nurture these leads earlier in the process and making sure time spent by sales is being used on the best possible candidates is the power of HQLs as provided by LeadResolution.”

The new features added to LeadResolution include:

  • AI-Powered News Feeds: Lead records are now furnished with news articles that may be relevant to the prospect, determined by artificial intelligence assessing the individual’s industry, company, role and factoring in current events and financial news. This added context empowers sales reps to gain familiarity with what matters to their prospect, make sure the outreach is customized and current, and answers the age-old question that has challenged salespersons for years: “what should I say to my prospect?”
  • CallSine Functionality: CallSine, the popular tool that provides sales reps with accurate contact information for prospects in a single click, is provided at no additional cost to LeadResolution users as a browser extension. This contact database will save sales teams hours—no more spending long stretches of time doing prep work before reaching out to a prospect only to have it all amount to nothing due to an undeliverable email and no other valid contact methods available for that person.
  • Table Management and Functionality: The Union Resolute team pays careful attention to client feedback, and one of the most requested features in recent months has been an option to organize leads in the LeadResolution platform in table form, in addition to the usual “business card” format that the platform has used previously. Not only will this UI change allow for more easy categorization and filtering of leads—something that can get tricky when the platform is filling up with quality leads fast—but this table functionality allows users to execute their outreach from one page, even with customization options. This is another massive time saver.

“These tools further empower our customers and put even more distance between LeadResolution and the next-best solution on the market,” said Kelly. “Our goal has always been to offer the easiest and most powerful outreach tool for HQLs, and these upgrades to the platform have already been well received by the first clients to access them. Sales teams are in need of ways to assure that they are spending their valuable time wisely, and LeadResolution does just that. After all, whoever spends their time more effectively will be the winner in their industry—we’re set to crown a lot of winners here.”

About Union Resolute

Union Resolute uses AI, intent data, and a powerful platform to generate highly qualified leads (HQLs™) for any size B2B company. Its suite of sales empowerment tools, including the industry-leading LeadResolution™ platform, combines AI and human outreach to help sales professionals focus on the right leads and close more deals. Learn more and take a 10-minute FitAnalysis™ to learn if your company is a match for Union’s intent-based sales approach at www.unionresolute.com


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