Highly Qualified Leads™

We find leads that build businesses, now officially coined as HQL™. We deliver customized and lasting results through our expertise, cultivated talent and pure hustle.

For both packages below, we are representing someone in your organization. In order to create a seamless connection with your sales process, our onboarding process takes about 3 weeks to ensure we have everything perfect for when we begin prospecting. Included in each package is the sophisticated technology needed for outreach & tracking, all contacts for the established total addressable market, the intent data, professional sales people and an activity dashboard.

With templated emails working less effectively and SPAM filters being more intelligent, Union will leverage its proprietary generative AI models that will generate all emails with the ultimate goal to generate more HQLs and SQLs

Chose the best one for you!

12 Months, Annual Prepay

1 mutually agreed upon ideal customer profile (ICP)

Up to 2,000 ICP contacts included

2+ client created emails per month to all contacts 

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12 Months, Annual Prepay

Up to 3 mutually agreed upon ideal customer profiles (ICPs)

Up to 2,000 ICP contacts included

2+ unique AI generated emails per month to all contacts

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Machine Learning

Advancements in AI and machine learning has enabled Union to focus on the right companies for our clients. We leverage machine learning as the core to our proprietary technology stack, which enables our team to better hone its outreach. Better tech means better leads.

Human Hustle

Tools are only as good as the people that use them. As good as our technology is at Union, we rely on a very focused team of people to execute. Being disciplined and diligent in sales is half the battle. One thing we know at Union, we will never be out hustled!

Success Stories

“Oshyn was busy delivering Sitecore solutions and working our pipeline, so we didn’t have time to do lead generation. Union came in an added qualified leads to our funnel, and quickly.”

- Diego Rebosio, CEO, Oshyn

“Union Resolute has been a long-standing digital partner to Dell. They also leverage intent data to help generate more sales qualified leads. Anyone at Dell looking for more leads should talk with Union.”

- Matt Roberts, Global Lead, Digital Workplace Consulting Practice, Dell

“Union has partnered with Mercer for years to develop a series of digital content solutions, all on time and with a smile.”

- Mike Shea, Principal, Director Digital Communications, Mercer

“The team at Union is motivated and very communicative.  They know how to sell but more importantly, they know how to provide strong strategic guidance” 

– Ned Wallroth, Principal, Amalgam 

“With Union’s assistance, we have been able to target and reach specific companies looking for our services. Their approach is focused and disciplined and delivers targeted qualified results."

 Marc McNamara, Managing Director, Doceo

“Union has been an instrumental partner to Verndale’s sales function.  The leads provided have been of high quality and have exceeded our expectations.” 

– Ryan Moltenbrey, Executive Vice President Sales, Verndale