Lead Generation for HubSpot CUSTOMERs

Looking to scale your business and grow revenue? 
We’ll put you in front of the right person at the right time with the right content.

Lead Generation for HubSpot Centric Marketers.

You’re a marketing professional seeking out innovative strategies to go to market. It’s constantly evolving, right?

Your team deliver results but you want a fresh way to get exposure to new potential customers. How do you connect your creative savvy and marketing expertise with decision makers at the businesses that can gain the most from them?

Do you rely on inbound marketing and sales to generate leads?  It might be time to disrupt your own process.

Lead Generation for HubSpot Agencies

The Union Sales Empowerment Platform


Get instant access to your B2B contact data via our Google Chrome extension.

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Lead Resolution

Access high value prospects and act on them with Lead Resolution.

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Union Resolute

The Union

People-as-a-service generating high quality conversations. 

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Success Stories

“Oshyn was busy delivering Sitecore solutions and working our pipeline, so we didn’t have time to do lead generation. Union came in an added qualified leads to our funnel, and quickly.”

- Diego Rebosio, CEO, Oshyn

“Union Resolute has been a long-standing digital partner to Dell. They also leverage intent data to help generate more sales qualified leads. Anyone at Dell looking for more leads should talk with Union.”

- Matt Roberts, Global Lead, Digital Workplace Consulting Practice, Dell

“Union has partnered with Mercer for years to develop a series of digital content solutions, all on time and with a smile.”

- Mike Shea, Principal, Director Digital Communications, Mercer

“The team at Union is motivated and very communicative.  They know how to sell but more importantly, they know how to provide strong strategic guidance” 

– Ned Wallroth, Principal, Amalgam 

“With Union’s assistance, we have been able to target and reach specific companies looking for our services. Their approach is focused and disciplined and delivers targeted qualified results."

 Marc McNamara, Managing Director, Doceo

“Union has been an instrumental partner to Verndale’s sales function.  The leads provided have been of high quality and have exceeded our expectations.” 

– Ryan Moltenbrey, Executive Vice President Sales, Verndale

How it Works

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Together we pick the exact companies and prospects based on the research we perform on your ideal customer profile.

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We conduct orchestrated hightly targeted multi-channel outreach for your agency and start relevant sales conversations for you.

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We help you get meetings with your ideal prospects, helping you get more meetings and close more deals.

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Your increased sales opportunities propel your HubSpot agency to new heights, keeping you in front of the competition.


Get in front of the right prospects at the right time with the right messaging. Launch a highly intelligent and technical outbound campaign. Tune the predictive model with feedback. Get better and better results.


Let’s see of Union’s approach to business growth is a good fit for your agency.

We do research in our data then run it through our AI app to see if we are a good match – a 70 or greater is a go! We are not a fit for all companies, so we want to ensure both of us can win.